every time「~するたびに」のの意味・使い方・例文・会話例【音声付き】

every time ~するたびに



今回はevery time「~するたびに」の型です。

  • every timeは「~する度に」または「毎回~する時に」という意味です。
  • その後には、通常、現在形または過去形の動詞が続きます。

every time「~するたびに」を使った英語例文

  1. Every time I hear that song, I think of you.
  2. She makes me laugh every time she tells a joke.
  3. Every time I try to diet, I end up eating sweets.
  4. Every time I read this book, I discover something new.
  5. Every time I think about it, I get excited about our future plans.
  6. Every time I see him, he’s wearing a different outfit.
  7. The baby cries every time his mother leaves the room.
  8. I used to get nervous every time I spoke in public.
  9. Every time you smiled, I felt truly happy.
  10. Every time I tried to talk to him, he ignored me.


every time「~するたびに」を使った会話例

A: I hear you’re going to New York again. You must really like it there.

B: Yes, every time I go, I discover something new and exciting.


every time「~するたびに」の類似表現

  • whenever:「~するたびに」
    • 例:Whenever I see you, my heart races.「あなたを見るたびに、私の心は高鳴る」
  • each time:「それぞれの時」
    • 例:Each time I read this book, I learn something new「この本を読むたびに、新しいことを学ぶ」
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