In the beginning「最初は」の使い方・例文・会話例

In the biginning

In the beginning は「最初は」の意味で、物語や事象の起点を示すときによく使われます。物語、映画、話などの初めを示すのに特に適しています。


ただし、In the beginning は具体的な時間を示さないため、特定の日時や期間を指す場合は適切ではありません。。


In the beginning を使った例文

  1. In the beginning, we were just friends.
  2. In the beginning, I was scared to speak English.
  3. In the beginning, the internet was not as popular as it is now.
  4. In the beginning, the project seemed impossible.
  5. In the beginning, she was not interested in learning how to play the guitar.
  6. In the beginning, there was only one small store in this town.
  7. In the beginning, he struggled with the new software.
  8. In the beginning, they didn’t understand each other’s culture.
  9. In the beginning, the company was not successful.
  10. In the beginning, I found it hard to adapt to the new environment.


A: In the beginning, we had a lot of problems with our product.

B: But now it’s one of the best-selling items, right?

A: Yes, we’ve come a long way.


  • come a long way : 「大きな進歩を遂げる」、「長い道のりを来る」 このフレーズは肯定的な意味合いを持ち、努力や進歩を評価する際に用いられる。
  • struggle with : 「~と苦戦する」、「~に困る」
  • I found it hard :「難しいと思った」 I find it 形容詞で「~だと思う」
  • adapt to : 「~に適応する」 新しい環境や状況に対して自分自身を調整することを表す。
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