more than I expected「予想以上に」の意味・使い方・例文・会話例【音声付き】

more than I expected



今回は more than I expected「予想以上に」の型です。

  • more than I expectedは「予想以上に」または「想像していた以上に」を意味します。
  • 結果、経験、価格、数値、量など様々な事象に対して使用できます。

more than I expected「予想以上に」を使った英語例文

  1. The test was more difficult than I expected.
  2. There were more people at the party than I expected.
  3. She speaks English more fluently than I expected.
  4. He arrived earlier than I expected.
  5. This laptop cost me more than I expected.
  6. Will there be more people at the event than I expected?
  7. I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I expected.
  8. The book was not as interesting as I expected.
  9. You worked harder than I expected.
  10. The test was more challenging than I expected. I should have studied more.


more than I expected「予想以上に」を使った会話例

A: The trip was much better than I expected.

B: Really? What did you enjoy the most?

A: The local food was amazing. It was more delicious than I expected.

B: I see. I will have to try it next time.


more than I expected「予想以上に」の類似表現

  • more than I thought:「思っていたよりも」
    • 例:He finished the work more quickly than I thought.「彼は思っていたより早く仕事を終えた」
  • beyond my expectation:「私の予想を超えて」フォーマルなニュアンスがあります。
    • 例:The performance was beyond my expectation.「そのパフォーマンスは私の予想を超えていた」
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