I realized how …「どんなに~だか気がついた」の使い方・例文・会話例

realized how

「I realized how」は英語で非常に役立つ表現です。主に2つの状況で使用されます。

  • 何かの理解が深まったとき、または新たな認識を得たとき。I realized how の後には通常、語句や文が続きます。
  • 何かをどれだけ大切に思っているか、あるいは何かがどれほど難しいかなどを強調したいとき。I realized how の後に形容詞や副詞が続くことが多いです。

文法的には、I realized how の後には主語と動詞を含む完全な文が続くことが必要です。


    I realized howを使った例文

    1. I realized how important it is to keep healthy habits.
    2. I realized how difficult it is to learn a new language.
    3. I realized how much she means to me when she moved away.
    4. I realized how fast the time flies.
    5. I realized how deeply I was in love with him.
    6. I realized how valuable the time with my family is.
    7. I realized how significant his contribution was to the project.
    8. I realized how easily misunderstandings can occur.
    9. I realized how much effort goes into a successful performance.
    10. I realized how beautiful nature is when I visited the mountains.


    A: How was your trip to the countryside?

    B: It was great. I realized how much I needed a break from the city.


    • keep healthy habits :「健康的な習慣を保つ」
    • time flies : 「時間が飛ぶように過ぎる」時間が非常に速く過ぎていくことを表す熟語。
    • misunderstandings can occur :「誤解が生じる」
    • effort goes into : 「努力を注ぐ」
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